Locating an audiologist can seem overwhelming at first. You may be asking yourself: where does one begin to look? You may be worried about this question because it is your first time to experience an audiologist helping you with your hearing needs. Maybe, you want to schedule an appointment immediately, or don’t know what an audiologist exactly is. Don’t worry!

It’s important to know that audiologists want to help individuals and do so with passion. It’s why they chose to pursue a career as an audiologist. If you don’t believe an audiologist will put your care as a priority, that is another reason to find a great audiologist. The following will help you locate an audiologist near you that can help solve your hearing loss with quality. 

Physician referral 

Ask your health care provider for an audiologist referral. They’ll be sure to give you one to provide you with the best care. This is a great option if you don’t know anyone that has had experience with an audiologist. With your health care provider referring you to an audiologist, it can be a big relief. Trust that your health care provider will send you to a great audiologist.

When given the referral, you can do your own research on the location. It is important that you feel comfortable with the location your physician has provided. You are the one that will experience the near future with an audiologist, no one else.

Family and friends

This is a great time to reach out to loved ones and close friends. If you know someone that has experience or any ties with an audiologist, go ahead and ask them about it. They can provide you with their audiologist information as well as talk to you about their experiences. You too can ask them questions and concerns about finding and spending your near future with an audiologist. 

Though hearing loss can be a new experience, family and friends can offer you that needed support. Advice and personal experiences can be shared to have you more aware of what to expect. Ask all the questions and fulfill your curiosities comfortably with those you know well. It will be a conversation that will relax on finding an audiologist. 

Searching online

Consider looking up businesses. Look over how many years the business has provided excellent work. Look over their home page and read their purpose. A business with experience between twenty to thirty years speaks volumes. This shows the business provides quality. 

One easy way to find a trustworthy audiologist is by reading reviews. Look at audiologists around you. Start by looking over locations with reasonable star ratings. Do you want a four-star place rating or higher? A higher rating ensures more positive reviews and audiologists going above and beyond in their career.

Next, look at the reviews. The greater number of reviews the better! Start reading over them. You can read through relevant reviews or start with reading the most recent reviews. With access to reviews, you can read over the experiences real people had. Some may be good, and others may be bad. You decide if the location is a great one to meet your needs or a bad one that you won’t go to. Take your time with this process; care and quality are number one.

A great audiologist is someone that takes time to learn about your experiences with hearing loss and is willing to help you find solutions. They will use your daily lifestyle activities and passions to help you move forward positively.

Finding an audiologist that will experience your hearing loss journey and finding a solution for it is important. The patient and audiologist should always be on the same page and want to find the greatest solutions available. For example, if you're thinking of purchasing hearing aids and agreed to start using one, the patient has the right to ask questions. The patient can ask the audiologist about styles such as in the ear (ITE), behind the ear (BTE) and in the canal (ITC). 

Remember that an audiologist should be concerned for your wellbeing and understand your daily challenges when hearing. A great audiologist is there to improve the quality of one’s life. Take time during this process to learn about an audiologist and what dealing with one will look like. 

Understandably, this experience is new and different. Hearing loss can be overwhelming, but with an audiologist, your worries will be cleared. To learn more about Hinderliter Hearing Services, call us today at (248) 430-7353.