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Encouraging A Loved One To Take A Hearing Test

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When we have concerns over a loved one, we, naturally, want to talk to them before the problem continues to worsen. If we think a loved one has a hearing impairment, we need to act now. When hearing loss is left untreated, this can lead to a variety of health conditions, such as depression, dementia, and even heart disease. But if you have concerns that someone you love is experiencing issues with their hearing, how can you encourage a loved one to take a hearing test? 

Understanding the signs of hearing loss 

If you suspect someone you care about has hearing loss, you need to be sure that you understand the symptoms. For example, it's not necessarily just about them struggling to hear you; it could be about them gradually turning the volume up on the television over a long period of time. But it is also important to look at them in other settings, such as in a social function. 

If they are in a group with others, do they struggle to follow the conversation? In addition, if they are starting to withdraw from interacting with others, this is another sign that they may be experiencing some form of hearing loss. It's quite common for people who are experiencing hearing loss to withdraw rather than ask for help. If you have concerns and you want to take action, here are some approaches that could help. 

Choose the right time 

If you are going to speak to them about a sensitive issue, you've got to time it right. It's also about making sure you choose the right location. It all depends on their level of hearing loss. If it is severe, you may feel you want to strike while the iron is hot, but the best approach is to wait and choose your moment. 

Hearing loss can affect somebody's speech recognition, so finding a quiet place to talk is the best approach. You may think that there is strength in numbers, such as in an intervention, but people experiencing hearing loss will benefit from a relaxed and calm environment with a one-on-one conversation. 

Explain how the hearing loss is affecting you

It's crucial to use the right tone and language. When we try to make someone see our point of view, we cannot go on the defensive and accuse them of not listening or telling them that "you are making me repeat myself all the time." The best approach is to be gentle in your language. Because if you start to pepper the conversation with a more confrontational approach, you may drive them away. Help them to understand that it's not just a problem to do with them. 

Asking questions 

After you express your opinions and concerns, it's time to give them the opportunity to share their thoughts. It's very likely that they have already considered that hearing loss is a possibility. It might very well be the case that they've not wanted to ask, for help for fear of looking weak, or it's not something that happens to people their age. But in reality, hearing loss is not just experienced by older Americans but between the ages of 19 and 44 are when people are more likely to experience the onset of hearing loss. 

We have to remember that if our loved one is embarrassed that they are experiencing hearing loss, or they have had concerns but didn't want to say anything, it is crucial for you to provide a supportive and nurturing environment. Asking open-ended questions and listening allows them to get any concerns off their chest. 

Offering your support 

Hearing loss can be very isolating. When someone you care about is experiencing hearing loss, getting them to undergo a hearing test may not be easy. They will have their own issues and may feel embarrassed that they need to go for a hearing test. But we also have to recognize that if they've been experiencing this for a while, having a hearing test could be the start of a whole new level of existence. We all deserve great hearing quality. 

And if we ever admit that one of our senses is weak, the initial reaction can be to try and cover our tracks. But if someone you love is exhibiting signs of hearing loss, it's important to encourage them to go for a hearing test. Make sure that you are there for them, and remind them that this is the first step of a journey that can improve their hearing and lives in so many ways. 

Here at Hinderliter Hearing Services, we can help your loved ones get to the bottom of their hearing issues. Get in contact with us on 248-430-8425 for a hearing test, and let's help your loved one get back to a better quality of life.