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Hearing Aid Compatible Phones: What to Know Before You Buy

two different types of hearing aids

A phone that is compatible with hearing aids could be one of the best inventions of the last decade. The problem is that finding the right phone to work with your hearing aids could be a struggle. After an appointment with your audiologist, you will have better insight as to whether you would be eligible for a hearing aid compatible phone. They’ll be able to tell you whether your hearing loss is mild, moderate or severe, and then they can give you the correct advice on finding the best hearing aid compatible phone for your needs.

Changing technology

As it stands, all smartphones are now required to be hearing aid compatible. Technology is always changing and evolving, and in this case, it’s important that you collaborate with your audiologist to discuss your options. You should always test out different phones with your phone provider if you are looking for one that is compatible with your hearing. This is mostly because while one smartphone says that it’s supportive of hearing aids, it may not be best for your unique hearing needs. The cell phone marketing is constantly evolving, with new models and features being available all the time. The FCC requires these to be hearing aid compatible, which is inclusive and makes smartphones more accessible.

Smartphones are the most common type of phone that is currently purchased and while there are some who own regular phones without the internet, it’s not the case for much of the younger generations.

Options for mild to moderate hearing loss

If you have been to see your audiologist and they have diagnosed you with mild to moderate hearing loss, you may not think you need to replace your phone initially. Most people won’t need to do much more than turn the volume up on their phone. This is down to the wonder of technology, with acoustic coupling taking over. This is where your hearing aid will pick up the sound coming from the phone automatically, and the only real negative for this is that other background noise will also be picked up. When you shop for a new phone you should look for the M rating on a phone. It goes from M1 to M4, and the higher the M rating, the better the compatibility. It means there is less noise that will distract you, and yet some unwanted noise will be a possible interference. The current iPhone market is all rated as M3, giving you the chance to hear your phone. 

Options for severe hearing loss

If you are an avid phone user, you may be looking for a phone that offers a very clear signal to go with your severe hearing loss. Your audiologist will advise you that if you need something for more severe hearing loss, you should ensure that your telecoil in the hearing aid is switched on. This will direct the sound from the phone to the processor in the hearing aid and you won’t need to worry about the microphone. You’ll also eliminate potential feedback, so that’s a bonus!

Other phone features to consider

There are plenty of exterior features that you should be considering if you are planning to buy a smartphone that is compatible with your hearing aids. These include:

  • Start off with the incoming call alerts. As you are hard of hearing, you may need something extra to tell you that a call is coming through. Some phones are able to flash or vibrate if someone is calling, which can be helpful if you are unable to hear it ring.
  • Next, you’ll want to think about volume control: This is so important in a hearing aid compatible phone. Think about the ringtones and how loud they go, and make sure that you are testing this in store while you’re shopping. 
  • Most people with hearing loss often prefer to text others before arranging a call, so ensure that the phone that you get includes unlimited text messaging to make life a little easier.

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