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Hearing Aids Reduce Signs of Aging

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Have you noticed that your hearing has been declining over the last few weeks or months? If so, then your family may have noticed it too. They might be complaining to you that your television is too loud or that you shout when you talk. This is not a problem at all and once you get help from an audiologist you will be well on your way to hearing properly once again. 

Hearing loss is usually due to wear and tear as you get older. Nothing to normally worry too much about as there is plenty of help available for you. When you experience hearing loss you may feel like giving up as there is nothing that can be done. However, some professional can fit you with hearing aids, or something else. 

How Hearing Loss Impacts You

Unfortunately, when you experience hearing loss it can isolate you from your social circle and make you feel alone. It is thought that one in three adults experience hearing loss so you are not alone in this. If you are struggling to hear then you may miss parts of conversations and there can be a lot of miscommunications if you don’t hear what is being said. 

When you meet up with family and friends you may dread it, especially if they are all talking at once. The good news is that hearing loss is very common and audiologists know how to deal with it. A simple hearing test will give you the right diagnosis and you can get the help you need to hear clearly again. 

Who To See

When you first notice that your hearing is declining it is a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor. They will be able to assess whether or not you need an appointment with an audiologist. If they feel this would benefit you then they may refer you to see one. When you get your audiologist appointment through it is important you attend so you don’t miss out on vital help. 

When you attend your appointment you will be put through a load of tests to see where your hearing loss comes from and how it affects you daily. Be honest with your audiologist otherwise, they can’t advise on the best treatment. 

If the results come back stating you would benefit from a hearing aid, then your audiologist will go through all the available styles and options with you. There are different types, and they all do different things. Finding the one that is right for you and that fits in with your life is very important.

Treatment Options

The type of treatment you are offered is all dependent on what is causing your hearing loss. It may be as simple as a buildup of earwax in your ear canal blocking the sounds from coming through. 

There are three main types of hearing aid that you can be offered should you need them. The first is the most common and it is the one that is probably the most noticeable. This one goes around the top and back of your ear allowing sounds to enter. The second type is small ones that fit just inside the opening of your ear, and last but not least are even smaller ones that go further into your ear so they are the least visible. 

Benefits Of Hearing Aids

There are many benefits to hearing aids, the main one being that your hearing is crystal clear once again. you can hear the sounds that you missed out on such as your children or grandchildren laughing, your favorite TV shows and even the doorbell. 

Once you find the hearing aid that works for you, you will be able to hear everything again. You might be a huge fan of music and while you can feel the vibrations of the music it just isn’t the same as listening to it. The sooner you get your hearing aid the better, as then you won’t have to experience your hearing loss for very long. 

Once you have gotten used to the sounds that come through your hearing aids you will feel comfortable meeting up with family and friends once more. You will be amazed at how the sound is amplified into your ears through your new hearing aid. 

We hope this article helps you understand how hearing aids can reduce the signs of aging. They will give you much more freedom to live your life and have an active social life. You can learn more about hearing services by visiting Hinderliter Hearing Services or calling us today at 248-430-8425.