Hearing Aid Batteries

Either rechargeable or disposable batteries power your hearing aids. They provide the energy to run the technology that operates your hearing aids. As battery power diminishes, performance diminishes as well. Whether you buy your hearing aids at Hinderliter Hearing Services or elsewhere, you can always depend on us to have a supply of fresh batteries to keep your devices going.

Types of Hearing Aid Batteries

There are two main types of hearing aid batteries. Some hearing aids can use both forms of batteries, but most only use one. Hinderliter Hearing Services will explain what kind of battery your hearing aids use during your hearing aid fitting session.

Disposable Batteries

Hearing aids that are powered by disposable batteries use small zinc-air batteries. These batteries use oxygen to start the reaction that produces the electrical energy that runs your devices. It is important to keep the tab in place until you are ready to insert the battery. Once you are ready to insert the battery, remove the tab, wait one-to-two minutes to expose the battery to air, then insert in your hearing aid. Battery life depends on the size of the battery, your hearing aid, the functions you use, and how long you wear your hearing aids each day.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries utilize lithium-ion technology. When you remove your hearing aids at night, you simply place the devices in their charging station. The batteries will charge while you sleep. A single charge should hold a charge to use your hearing aids for a full day. This battery style is ideal for people with vision and dexterity issues that make handling small, disposable batteries difficult.

Hearing Aid Battery Sizes

In the United States, hearing aid battery size is color coded. You don’t have to worry about remembering the size battery you need, just the color. No matter your brand of hearing aid or brand of battery you purchase, the color of the battery your device uses stays the same. The battery colors, from smallest to largest, are:

  • Yellow: Size 10 lasts three to seven days and is used in the smallest hearing aids such as completely in the canal (CIC)
  • Brown: Size 312 lasts three to 10 days and is the most commonly used size in the United States
  • Orange: Size 13 lasts six to 10 days and is used for behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) styles
  • Blue: Size 675 – lasts three to 20 days is used for BTE styles only