Better hearing starts at Hinderliter Hearing Services. Born with hearing loss herself, Dr. Hinderliter knows the challenges of living with hearing loss intimately. She will help you find the strategies and solutions to improve your quality of life and live life to the fullest despite having hearing loss.

Hearing Tests

Hearing Testing and Evaluations

Choosing the right hearing aid starts with a clear understanding of your unique hearing loss needs. Our advanced testing procedures accurately identify whether or not you have hearing loss and measure the type and severity.

Hinderliter Hearing Services performs comprehensive diagnostic audiologic evaluation. pure tone audiometry, speech testing, and speech recognition testing to perform a complete evaluation of your hearing.

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Online Hearing Test

Think You Might Have Hearing Loss?

Take our free, 5-minute online test to get a better understanding of your hearing health. It can determine if a professional screening is right for you.

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Our Process

Finding the Perfect Match.

Hearing loss looks different for everyone, and as a result, there are a number of hearing aid varieties on the market. Through careful evaluations and custom fittings, we’ll help you find the best device for your hearing loss needs.

Hearing Aid Services

We Service Your Devices

From hearing aid screening, selection and fittings, to ongoing maintenance and repairs – we offer a wide range of services to keep your hearing aids performing their best.

If a diagnostic hearing evaluation indicates that you will hear better with hearing aids, you’re in expert hands at Hinderliter Hearing Services. Your hearing needs, lifestyle, cosmetic concerns, and budget are expertly matched with all available hearing technology for the best fit.

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While simple cleaning can be performed at home, Hinderliter Hearing Services recommends patients come in quarterly to have their hearing aids thoroughly cleaned and dried to maintain excellent sound quality and longevity. Whether you bought your hearing aids from us or another dispenser, bring them in for deep cleaning or repairs. Many services can be performed while you wait.

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